G-Power™ Series
Pactech Universal GPU Power Cable Test Kit

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  • Make your system more compact than ever with the lowest profile GPU power cable solutions
  • Make your system more powerful than ever by splicing the wires for the highest power current and voltage effect
  • Make your system cooler than ever by eliminating excessive wires for the best airflow and thermal result
  • Modified LP connectors with 6mm-8mm connector exposed height
  • Angled connectors with 11mm connector exposed height
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As of today’s demand for custom-designed GPU workstations and GPU servers, any normal/traditional designed ATX PCIe type power harnesses may not work for complicated purposes. To support the contemporary need of high-power usage, space-saving, and wire flexibility, Pactech GPU harness can help you with your own design to meet the tight spacing compliance.

BOM for Pactech Universal GPU Power Test Kit (GPU-KIT-UNI-1)

2. GPU-KIT-EP16-88FF-12
3. GPU-KIT-EE16-BL88FF-12
4. GPU-KIT-EE16-88FF-12
5. GPU-KIT-EE16-8B8FF-12
6. GPU-KIT-EE16-12B8FF-12

The power delivery of our universal GPU cable:

  • 8 pin PCIe to 8 pin PCIe – 350 Watts Max
  • 8 pin EPS12V to 2x 8 pin PCIe –450 Watts Max
  • 8 pin EPS12V to 12 pin 3.0 pitch – 450 Watts Max
  • 2x 8 pin EPS12V or 2x 8 pin PCIe to 12 pin 3.0 pitch – 600 Watts Max