Ethernet Bulk Cables and Accessories

High Speed and Durable

Pactech's Ethernet Bulk Cables and Network Accessories

Pactech stock varieties of bulk Ethernet cables including UUTP, UFTP, SFTP CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A in 23AWg, 24Awg, 26Awg and the new FlexLite 28Awg (UL) series for mid-size networking solutions.

The jacket options include Plenum, PVC, LSZH, PUR or UV outdoor. In addition, we also offer SuperFlat CAT6 (UL) and traditional flat silver satin cable (UL) solutions.

Besides, Pactech can do custom bulk Ethernet cables to your specification like super flexible, low bend radius and rough and rigid networking environments, or with specific corporate color code and company logo. Furthermore, Pactech is a complete one stop source for all networking accessories like shielded or unshielded patch panels, plugs, boots and tools.

Network Accessories

We also offer a wide range of FlexLite connectivity products like 28 AWG plugs, mini boots and 180 degree and 90 degree tool-less keystone jacks.

With the rich sets of Pactech structure Ethernet cables and infrastructure accessories , thin and flex single patch cables or ribbon X2, X4, X8 cables, Pactech offer valuable solutions for easy LAN premise horizontal or backbone wiring over 100m to mid-size within 60m. For same token, we also line up the easy in-rack switch-server patch cable bundling and rack-rack LAN communication.

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