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Improve Installation and Management Costs

In many computer and electronic systems, from point-of-sale to medical devices to manufacturing systems, different industries with different applications require unique or legacy cabling and connectivity methods for data and power exchange between components within. A few typical examples include cables with:

  • Distinctive connector pinouts
  • Angled connectors
  • Lengths down to specific inches or centimeters
  • Specific number of connectors daisy-chained and specific length between these connectors
  • Unique Pantone color code

These required cables are hard to find or non-existent in the marketplace. It would be very costly if manufacturers choose to develop and produce them in house.

At Pactech, our R&D team with 28+ years of experience takes through each of these customers from initial concept to prototyping to mass production through our proven Design Process. We consult and design, not just manufacture. Our solution to your need is one of its kind.

M8 M12 M23 Series ConnectorIndustrial Circular & Square Series Connector
M8 M12 M23 Series ConnectorMilitary connector

Industrial Ethernet Cables


Industrial Customize Cables

Industrial Customize Cables

Client Testimonial

“We use Pactech for several of our projects. They are very easy to work with, offer on-site engineering help and provide quality products in a timely manner. If you need custom designed cable products at competitive prices, delivered on time, call Pactech!”
- Gary W. Catalano, Director of Technical Services, Boldata Technology

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