Custom Cable Solutions

Although cables are very unlikely to be the most expensive cost item in your design, our custom services can significantly improve your installation and management costs and time-to-market.

In many computer and electronic systems, from point-of-sale to medical devices to manufacturing systems, they require unique or legacy cabling and connectivity methods for data and power exchange between components within. A few typical examples include cables with:

  • Distinctive connector pinouts
  • Angled connectors
  • Lengths down to specific inches or centimeters
  • Specific number of connectors daisy-chained and specific length between these connectors
  • Unique Pantone color code

These required cables are hard to find or non-existent in the marketplace. It would be very costly if manufacturers choose to develop and produce them in house.

At Pactech, our R&D team with 28+ years of experience takes through each of these customers from initial concept to prototyping to mass production through our proven Design Process. We consult and design, not just manufacture. Our solutions for your needs are one of its kind.

Manufacturer Standards: ISO 9001 / ISO 140001 / IPC-620 / SAM / CAGE CODE: 8QV22

These are just a few examples of our custom cable services. Please call us to discuss your projects.


Service Examples Customer Benefits
Custom lengths Custom network cables and SAS-to-SATA fanout cables down to inches/mm. No excess cable dangling inside the server and in the data center rack. Improve airflow and reduce cooling costs.
Wide color choices Up to 10 colors in our CAT6 cable product lines. Quickly identify VLAN types based on cable colors.
Proprietary pinout design Assemble unique pinouts for RS232/DB9/RJ45 ports for proprietary communication between devices. Generate flexible embedded system designs for highly specialized applications.
Cable and wire identification, labeling and bundling Label CAT6 cables with unique IDs and bundle them together. Speed up assembly time for contract manufacturers to build cloud provider data center racks.
Cable kit packaging Pre-package all custom power cords and SAS-SATA cables for a single server rack. Speed up assembly time for contract manufacturers to build cloud provider data center racks.
Cable alteration and repair services Replace connectors and cut out excessive wires. Repurpose existing cables and reduce material wastage.

Products and applications include but are not limited to the following items.

Data Center Patch Cables

• CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A (10G) - New 28Awg MiniRound CAT6 and New 28Awg SuperFlat CAT6

• Hi-Speed Cables & Transceivers - QSFP+AOC, QSFP+DAC, SFP+DAC, MiniSAS, CX4, XFP Cables

• Fiber Optic – FC, SC, LC, ST, MU, MTRJ, E2000, MPO PatchCords, Pigtails and Fan-outs & More

Hi-Speed Data & Power Adapter Cables

• SAS/miniSAS/SATA/eSATA Drive Cables – 6G/12G, Straight/Angled/LowProfiled, Step-Lengths & More

• SAS/SATA Drive Adapters and Backplanes - Single/Multi Drive Form Factors, VAR/OEM

• SAS/SATA Power Adapter Cables - Single/Splitter/Daisy Chain, Straight/Angled, LowProfiled & More

Rack PDU & International Power Cables

• CPU/Server PDU Power Cords – C14-C13, C20-C19, C20-C13, C14-C19 Lengths 1ft…15ft, Black/Colored

• AC Power Cords& Extensions – Lengths 1ft …25ft, Black/Colored, Straight/Angled, VAR/OEM

• International Power Cords – N. America, S. America, Europe, China & East Asia, Middle East, Australia

Internal DC Power, Adapters, Jumpers & Wire Harness Assemblies

• AT, ATX, PCI Express Power Extensions, Splitters, Adapters

• All Jumpers, CPU Fan Wire Assemblies, Switch/LED Wire Assemblies

• All SATA Driver Power Adapters, Splitters, Daisy Chains with Safety Compliance

Panel Mount Style I/O Cables

• All Types of Audio/Video I/O

• LAN/ Ethernet RJ45 I/O

• HDMI, USB 2.0 / USB 3.0, FW1394, PS2 I/O and More

Ribbon Cable Assemblies

• All Flat or Round IDC Types

• Conversions of 2.54mm or 2.0mm, IDC /Crimp Types / Solder Types

• All D-Sub Type or HPDB Types, Single / Multi Heads




“We use Pactech for several of our projects. They are very easy to work with, offer on-site engineering help and provide quality products in a timely manner. If you need custom-designed cable products at competitive prices, delivered on time, call Pactech!”
- Gary W. Catalano, Director of Technical Services, Boldata Technology