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Brady Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator

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Brady Wraptor - Wire ID Printer Applicator


Brady BP-PR 300 PLUS - Standard Version Transfer Printer


Brady i7100 600dpi Industrial Label Printer


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Bundling and Labeling Services

Bundling and Labeling Services

We offer a complete set of professional, affordable services to help enhance cable management, speed up installation, as well as reduce labor and material costs of labeling:

  • Label design
  • Cable identification
  • Item barcode
  • Special-purpose color labels
  • Heat shrink printing for wire harnesses


  • Professional quality: We offer a wide variety of labels including cloth labels, vinyl cables, and heat shrink tubing. Most cable labels are printed with the industry renowned Brady Wraptor printer applicator with the 300 dpi printhead. They are tightly wrapped to avoid spiraling, bubbling, and wrinkling
  • Volume and nimble projects: We accept projects in all volumes because of our agile workflow and high-performance printer applicators
  • Highly customizable options for all cable, jacket, and bundle types: Colors, sizes, and materials
  • Flexible service options: We can simply design and print the labels, or we can also apply the labels to the cables provided by the customer

Customer Benefits

  • Quick turnaround as short as within 1-2 business days
  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of preparing, printing, and applying labels
  • Reduce material waste
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Serial Print Labeling Services

Being unique is what sets our cables apart.

What are our Serial Print Labeling Services?

PO → Label Work → Shipping → Customer

  • Customer provides the label content and chooses from our template/custom design.
  • Label work includes: SN label, 10 pcs/bag, box label.
  • Customer organizes the orders from the inside out by labels on the box and on the cables. 
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Why use our Serial Print Labeling Services? Here are some common issues warehouses may encounter:

  • Inaccurate Inventory
  • Redundant Activities
  • Sub optimal Picking
  • Storage Misutilization
  • Time-Consuming, Higher Labor Costs

When opting for our Serial Print Labeling Services:

  • Time Efficiency by improving inventory review processes
  • Accurate Inventory through tracking ability and staying organized with mixed batches. Each cable has a unique serial number that includes the date code.
  • 100% Quality Control Guaranteed
  • Labor Efficiency through robust systems that keep managers informed about changes and gaps that require attention
  • Optimized Product Picking prevents cable expiration. (FIFO - First in, first out method)
  • Optimized Warehouse Storage
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