Data Center Cable Solutions

Cables and cabling have been some of the most overlooked aspects of data center infrastructure design and assembly. Choices of server and in-rack cables are frequently not made until completion of server and rack designs. The results can be undesirable in many ways, and here are a few examples:

  • SAS/SATA cables can take up so much space in the blade server and subsequently degrade its airflow and thermal performance. Because cables are almost always an afterthought, engineers end up redesigning up the interior layout of the entire server to accommodate the required cables. It results in increased costs and delayed schedule
  • Tight rack space requirements make routing of power cords and ethernet cables very difficult. It takes up extra labor hours for installation and results in extra cable looped and hanging in the rack
  • Server and network cables are not properly packaged and bundled in an efficient way for data center rack assembly. It wastes hours or even days to unpackage and sort out all types of server and rack cables before assembly begins

Through Pactech’s Design Process, we proudly deliver the most elegant, easy-to-install, cost-effective solutions to address both of your near-term cable demands, and long-term server and in-rack design for your data center project.

Our data center cables include, but are not limited to the following portfolios: