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We made it flexible with mix & match, alternative solutions and lead time as short as 3+ weeks

We are proud to offer innovative interconnect solutions supporting the industry’s advanced communication including PCIe Gen4/Gen5/Gen6 and Ethernet up to 800Gbps in both the industry’s standard and proprietary high density form factors.

PCIe 32GT/S Challenge & Riser Cable Advantage

Re-timer may be required when the channel loss greater than 30dB, this will add:

1. Latency at 100ms level
2. Cost
3. Design complexity and supply chain limitations

Riser Cable solution:

• Eliminate the re-timer resulted latency & design complexity
• Flexible routing solutions
• Cost effective (targeting $0.05/Gbps)


Our contract electronics manufacturers CEM-to-X (CEM-to-Any) series supports a conventional PCle CEM interface to CEM/GenZ/SFF/Backplane modules for GPU/AI/Cloud server/rack innovations to forward compatible with PCle Gen6 applications.


   PCIe Gen5 & Gen6 32Gbps+ Interconnect Solutions

    - X4, X8, X16 PCIE TO 16X PCIE Riser, Gen4/Gen 5/Gen6 cables & connectors
    - X16 PCIE CEM to 2X Zplus (GenZ, TA1002, TA1020) 2C/1C AIC for                       Gen5/Gen6
    - Zplus (GenZ, TA1020) 2C/1C AIC to Zplus (GenZ) AIC, PCIe                                 Gen4/Gen5/Gen6

PCIe Gen3 & Gen4 Riser Cable Series

- Product offerings include AIC-CEM with options to use SFF8654/SFF8639/SFF8643 interfaces



PCIe eCable – Networked PCIe Applications

- External interface options: QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP56/QSFPDD
- Internal: PCIe CEM
- Gen4/Gen5/Gen6 Support

PCIe CEM & Zplus (TA1002/TA1020) Connectors

- Zplus 2C/1C (TA1002 compatible)
- PCIe Gen5 Vertical x4/x8/x16
- PCIe Gen5 Straddle Mount x16


Routing Easier (Under-Board/Over-Board)

▪ Flexible solutions available with bending radius as small as 10mm
▪ Right Angle, Left Angle, Straight options for both male and female available


Gen5/Gen6 Riser Cable SI (Tested)


- Advanced crosstalk mitigation technology supporting powersum of xtalk less than 40dB up to 25GHz)
- Impedance control at 85ohm+/-7 ohm, reflection <-10dB up to 20GHz
- Advanced Twinax cable & PCB design technology supporting IL at 4.5dB/m                                                                   
- Max loss 6dB at 16GHz to support extended reach up to 1.0m/40inch Max

Gen4 Riser Cable Typical Performance (Tested)


- Advanced crosstalk mitigation technology supporting powersum of xtalk less than 35dB up to 16GHz
- Advanced Twinax cable & PCB design technology supporting IL at 4.5dB/m
- Support extended reach up to 1.5m


QSFP+/QSFP28 PCIe eCable Performance (Tested)




- Length: 500mm
- Loss: -2dB at 4GHz; -3dB at 8GHz;
- Potentially support Gen5 with loss < -5dB at 16GHz


CEM Gen5/Gen6 Connector Performance (Simulation)


- Insertion Loss: <1.5dB up to 30GHz;
- Return loss: -10dB up to 30GHz;
- Xtalk Mitigation: -40dB up to 20GHz; -35dB up to 37.5GHz

Amphenol Multi-Platform Interface Cables

Introducing our new Amphenol Multi-Platform Interface Cables, which have high performance interconnect activities with:

  • OcuLink x4 42P (SFF-8611)
  • OcuLink x8 80P (SFF-8611)
  • SlimSAS 8i 74P (SFF-8654)
  • SlimSAS 4i 38P (SFF-8654)
  • PCIe 68P (SFF-8639)
  • HD MiniSAS 36P (SFF-8643)
  • MiniSAS 68P (SFF-8087)
  • MiniSAS 36P (SFF-8087)


The internal cable can be with the fittest length, using the low profile connector for space-saving, the angled connector (exit left, exit right, up, or down angle) for perfect orientation, and bridged with thinner and slimmer wire materials in  higher gauge (i.e. 30AWG, 32AWG). Contact us for more details.

Easy Routing with Multi-Platform Interface Cables within Servers, Storage and Compact Environments

All Pactech & Amphenol made connectors MiniLink 4i, SlimSAS 4i, 8i, SAS, SATA with hi-speed 24G / 12G / 6G wire materials are conformed to RoHS with lifetime warranty.

In general, all SAS 4.0 including SFF-8654, PCIe Gen3/Gen4/Gen5/Gen6, OCuLink Slimline cables have been well implemented. Slimline L25.3*W15.15*H8.54 (mm) connectors were made, sized less than OCuLink L30.5*W17.0*H7.25 (mm) except the mating height. Slimline wire gauge ranges from 34 to 28 AWG, which can achieve longer than 1 meter length, with impedance 85 ohm and 100 ohm solutions.

What makes it work for all environments and tight spacing is the state-of-art design & wrapping skill of round and flat routing.

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