Short & Fit – FlexMini™ and FlexArch™ Ethernet Cable Solutions

Pactech proudly offers FlexMini, and FlexArch with mini boot patch cords using ultra-soft PVC cables. These patch cord series provide the lowest profile connector and the slimmest cable achieving a very small bend radius for today’s high density, tight spacing data center racks, servers, and patch panels with the following product varieties.

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FlexArch™ Ethernet Patch Cord Series: No Tangles, Easy Plug-In and Release

This brand new ethernet patch cord series uses the unique design of arch latch RJ45 plug with FlexLite™ 28/26/24AWG slim and flexible cable to offer 16 types of patch cord for different application needs.

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SSEMCO Pactech

Introducing our locking system that prevents interruption!

With support from our strategic partner SSEMCO, Pactech is proud to introduce the ultimate locking solution for secured data center power connection. This solution includes S-Lock (server-side lock), P-Lock (PDU side lock), and S-Lock NEMA Power Cord Series. By combining the P-Lock and the S-Lock, the all-new DUAL-LOCK (D-LOCK) is perfect for mission-critical applications that cannot risk any interruptions. 

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FlexRibbon™ Cable: An innovative cabling product to make things easier – Save Time and Cost!

FlexRibbon™ Cable is a set of 4 cables that run parallel to each other and are attached side by side. This creates one cable that looks like a ribbon. Both ends of the ribbon cable split out separately into the individual cables, to allow each cable to plug into switch ports and server ports. 

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Pactech M and N GPU Cable – Power Balancing and Stabilizing

Maximize your GPU Cable Power Delivery with our proprietary power balancing method for Graphics Cards (GPUs)

There’s a lot to get excited about the future of graphics cards, also known as Graphics Process Units (GPUs). The top GPU manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel continue their rapid pace of innovation by releasing next-gen graphics cards with massive boosts in performance, upscaling, and image quality. But the extra performance comes at the cost of increased power draw.

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