Our CEM-to-Any PCIe Series is rocking the industry.

The Latest PCIe Series Gen4/Gen5/Gen6 for Q3 2021

We are proud to offer innovative interconnect solutions supporting the industry’s advanced communication including PCIe Gen4/Gen5/Gen6 and Ethernet up to 800Gbps in both the industry’s standard and proprietary high density form factors. 

Our contract electronics manufacturers CEM-to-X (CEM-to-Any) series supports a conventional PCle CEM interface to CEM/GenZ/SFF/Backplane modules for GPU/AI/Cloud server/rack innovations to forward compatible with PCle Gen6 applications.

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Your global cable solutions provider, now with 3 easy ways to order samples.

Over the past years, we have been laser-focused on growing our brand as your trusted global cable solutions provider, and have taken many steps to achieve that goal. Some of those steps include opening different channels for you to easily purchase samples from us, such as our very own eStore and Amazon. Recently, we have joined another marketplace to further expand our reach and mission: DigiKey.

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What is the difference between Passive DAC and Active DAC Cables?

Pactech is proud to continue offering extensive support to our customers in Hi-speed cables for data center applications, by being the first total solution provider in all form factors covering SFP/QSFP/DSFP/SFPDD/QDD/OSFP. This includes supporting 25G-800G aggregated data-rate in both Passive and Active DAC solutions.

For Passive DAC solutions, we offer 50G-400G PAM4 passive with an extended reach of 3.0m for QDD/OSFP and 4.0m for SFP56/QSFP56/SFPDD/DSFP. 

For Active DAC, we have cable lengths of up to 10m in QSFP28 for 25G-100G, validated 8m for 50G-400G PAM4, and 10m in Q56/DSFP56/SFPDD.

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Building server racks with FlexLite™ 28AWG Thin CAT6/6A Series from selections to bundles. That’s easy!

Having been in business for over 26 years, our FlexLite™ product selection has been steadily growing with 36 different types of 28AWG ethernet cables to fit any application, big or small. We understand time is important to your projects, so starting today, we have made the process of ordering these cables easier and faster.

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