Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable – Rapide™ 100G QSFP28 Passive Twinax Cable


  • Data rate up to 100 Gbps
  • 360° shielding for superior EMI/EMC performance
  • Proprietary high-speed PCB termination technology to minimize impedance discontinuity and cross talk
  • Patented back shell and positive latching mechanism for easy engagement and disengagement
  • Overmolded cable termination for increased mechanical robustness
  • Dust covers included for all plugs
  • Fully compliant with all relevant SFF and IEEE specifications
  • Individual cable test report available upon request
  • Lengths available from 0.5M up to 4M
  • Custom options include EEPROM content, breakout, crossover, length, and LSZH


Our 100G QSFP28 DAC cables offer precision external cable assembly solutions. They meet the ever increasing demand for higher channel density with high-level signal integrity in high performance computing, top-of-rack switching, and network storage deployments.

All of our DAC cables are individually tested, met and exceeded industry standards to ensure high performance, cost-effective, quality assemblies for today’s direct attach equipment connections.

Our DAC cables extremely low-insertion loss due to the unique skinfoam skin, gas-injected dielectric technology as well as extreme control of balanced/unbalanced (Mode conversion). The technology offers ease of cable management and smaller packaging densities. The cable assemblies employ new, innovative PCB technology designed specifically to deliver signal integrity performance. The cables regulate cross talk and launch conditions between wire and PCB termination to optimize return loss and prevent or minimize “ringing” effects.

Please contact us for details for custom lengths and volume pricing discounts.

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– Shells: Zinc die cast, nickel plated
– PCB: Proprietary material laminate with gold-plated contact pads
– Pull tab: Santoprene, black

– Raw cable: 8 individually shielded differential pair cables
– Wire gauge: 30 AWG (2M or shorter), 26 AWG (3M), 24 AWG (4M or longer)
– Cable OD: 30 AWG = 6.3 mm; 26AWG = 8.2 mm; 24 AWG = 8.2 mm
– Minimum bend radius 10 x cable OD
– Jacket: PVC

Electrical Performance
– Differential impedance: 100 Ω +/- 10 Ω
– Common mode impedance: 25-40 Ω
– Differential insertion loss: (12.89 GHz): Less than 22.48 dB
– Differential return loss: Per IEEE 802.3bj
– Common mode return loss: Less than -2 dB
– Multiplier disturber near end crosstalk (MDNEXT): Less than -30 dB
– Multiplier disturber far end crosstalk (MDFEXT): Less than -30 dB
– Channel Operating Margin (COM): Less than 3 dB
– Power supply voltage: 3.3 ± 5% V
– Power dissipation: Less than 10 mW
– Hot plug in rush current: Less than 400 mA
– SCL, SDA pin input capacitance: Less than 100 pF
– Operating voltage: Less than 30 V

Environmental Characteristics
– Operating temperature: 0-70℃
– Storage temperature: -20-80℃
– Flammability rating: CM, CL2
– RoHS: available upon request

Industry Standards
– IEEE, SFF-8436, SFF-8636

– Warranty: 3 years