• First Mate, Last Break Ground Contact – Provides the safety of an earthing path before engagement of the power contacts
  • Integral Latch – Connectors cannot be accidentally unmated, preventing unwanted power loss to critical equipment.
  • Hot Plug Rated – The connectors are rated for current interruption for both electronic (capacitive) and electrical (resistive) loads.
  • Touch Safe / Shock Protection – Minimizes the risk of personal contact with a hazardous voltage. Passes UL & IEC finger probe (plug & receptacle) and 3mm probe tests (receptacle)
  • Higher Temperature 105°C for SAF-D-GRID® plug
  • Stylish Color Lime Green Plug (Pantone 375C)
  • PVC jacket materials
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Anderson  SAF-D-GRID® connector system is a safe appliance power connector for server, telecommunication, and other devices up to 600VDC

APP®  SAF-D-GRID® plug and receptacle provide for the direct connection of DC electronic devices to a DC micro-grid powered by renewable energy or high-efficiency DC sources.

The connector meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications including UL 950 and ICE 60950.

The SAF-D-GRID®  is size compatible with the IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC connection system. It is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for disconnect of a 400 VDC, 20 amp load.

SAF-D-GRID® Also enables greater power density by allowing up to 40A and 600V DC or AC within the same space of the IEC 320 C13 & C14 system that is limited to 10A and 250 VAC. This allows the use of SAF-D-GRID® in AC system that require more power by increasing the wattage capacity within the existing connector space.

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