One service. Many applications. Fast deployment.

With CheetahDeploy, most of our major cable products are able to be bundled and labeled according to your project needs. Ranging from our FlexLite™ CAT5/6/6A ethernet cables to our newest Rapide™ II DAC cables, this service is designed to save you time and money on deploying racks safely.

The five major cable types CheetahDeploy covers include:

Rapide™ II DAC

Our passive copper custom lengths range from 0.25 meters to 3 meters for 400GB/s applications, while our active cables support 3+ meters at 800G. They feature a differential impedance of 100Ω +/- 10Ω, a channel operating margin greater than 4.0dBs (1.0dB higher than the standard), and a durability of up to 500 cycles.

FlexLite™ Ethernet (CAT5/6/6A)

Our FlexLite™ cable bundles will connect and transfer data among switch ports, patch panels, servers, and storage for in-rack, in-row, or row-to-row applications. They are pre-terminated and pre-tested for performance consistency, running a distance of up to 24 meters for Gbit and 10Gbit applications.

Supra Power

We know that having reliable power is an important aspect in your projects. That’s why we offer different types of high quality AC power cords, including the major types used in data centers, medical and laboratory applications, government, and various other industries.

QuaLite Fiber

Today, fiber optic cables are used for many different telecommunication applications and data center. Their long-distance capabilities, light weight, and large bandwidth attract more and more users to them. Fiber optic cables are also seeing much growth in private networks—data centers, data warehouses, server farms, SANs, and LANs.

Learn more about how our CheetahDeploy rack cable kit and pre-bundle solutions can optimize your projects.