Amphenol 36-pin Internal Mini-SAS to 4 x 7-pin SATA without Latch Step Length Cable

  • Premium Amphenol straight Mini-SAS connector and SATA connectors
  • Thin premium Amphenol 30AWG cable packaging makes cable routing easy
  • Four SAS-to-SATA lanes made in different lengths minimize excessive cable blocking airflow and improve thermal performance inside the server
  • See chart below for different step-length options
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This cable provides connectivity from a SFF-8087 SAS controller card, backplane or expander to control up 4 SATA devices (including SATA III at 6Gbps, SATA II at 3Gbps, and SATA I at 1.5Gbps). It offers:

  • Premium quality Amphenol connectors: Mini-SAS with latch, SATA without latch
  • High performance cable by Amphenol featuring differential pair signaling with less than 10ps/m in pair skew and maximum of 6dB/m attenuation at 4.5GHz. Foil in cable construction minimizes EMI
  • Step lengths design reducing excessive cable taking up space in the server. It improves thermal performance, avoids signal crosstalks, reduces bit error rates, and extends the longevity of the hardware
  • Thinner 30 AWG cable packaging allowing more efficient routing that improves airflow within the appliance
Part No. Lengths
AMPH-874S-STEP-550 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 550mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-575 275mm, 375mm, 475mm, 575mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-650 425mm, 500mm, 575mm, 650mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-800 575mm, 650mm, 725mm, 800mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-875 575mm, 675mm, 775mm, 875mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-925 925mm, 850mm, 775mm, 700mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-1075A 850mm, 925mm, 1000mm, 1075mm
AMPH-874S-STEP-1075B 425mm, 500mm. 1000mm, 1075mm

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